How I back up my photos and why it’s so very important to me!

June 24, 2017

Back it up Baby!

protect your photos


So hands up if you’ve ever been that person cussing your computer when it crashes, freezes… sends your assignment on a one-way holiday. Although these days Technology is becoming a lot more reliable we still never really have total control over it, and every now and then it saddens me to say it can fail us.


Digital photography is a wonderful thing, and the possibilities for creativity are endless, but what happens when something fails? This thought makes me feel ill, it’s the thought of knowing that couple can’t relive one of the most magical days of their lives through all the many irreplaceable photos taken.


For this reason I have developed the below process to protect my work and my clients precious memories.


  1. You get what you pay for $ you’ve spent thousands of dollars on your equipment, so why would you spend less on that important little card that’s going to store and look after your invaluable work. Please spend the money in backing up your work, I know it’s expensive but its so very important! I recommend Lexar & Scandisk, but for what ever you choose, do your research and make sure your getting the best quality cards that suit your camera.


  1. I have not come across a professional camera that doesn’t have the space for two memory cards? Use them! Always set your camera to save a back up photo to your second card. If for whatever reason you are unlucky enough for a card to corrupt, you have that back up copy. Every photo I take, my beloved camera stores to two different cards.


  1. My business and equipment may be insured, but lets be honest, the cards and photos cannot be replaced. For this reason I never leave memory cards in my cameras. Those babies stay in a card wallet in my bag that stays with me up until the moment they are in my computer.


  1. Get those files off that card ASAP. Yep, I’m often backing up files at 2am in the morning after a wedding, usually coming down from a high of excitement from an amazing day! Ok so the next morning is totally ok if the exhaustion is setting in. I always make two back ups, one to an external hard drive and then another copy onto my Mac, which I then use to sort and edit.


  1. With my now 4 copies of each and every photo in 4 different places I can start my editing process, and those photos stay in those places until my clients have those photos in their hands. But it doesn’t end there… What if their USB goes missing and they have not made a back up? No worries, all final photos in high resolution are stored in a password protected online gallery way up in the magical Internet clouds.


  1. A few other tips… Always replace your cards after a year or two, depending on how much you use them. Also never ever delete photos in camera, wait until all copies are backed up and you’re sorting through the set on your computer.


This is my current process, I have no doubt it will continue to change as I’m always reading new tips and advice. I hope this information helps and I would love to hear any feedback you may have.

Most importantly take all the right steps to protect your work and then enjoy the process of being creative and doing what you really love with peace of mind.