The Unplugged Wedding

May 24, 2016

Why do I think everyone should consider having an unplugged wedding? And no it has nothing to do with guest stepping in front of the ‘paid photographer’ with their Iphone. This I can understand, a wedding is such a special moment, why wouldn’t you want to capture your own piece of it.

I believe the most important reason you should have an unplugged wedding is simply to have everyone ‘live in’ and take in the moment. I remember thinking to myself when I got married, I want to see my loved ones faces, not there phone or Ipad. We look at screens all day and if not all day, A lot!

If guests are too involved with their phones or cameras they’ll be paying more attention to getting an Instagram worthy shot then actually enjoying the ceremony.

It’s kind of like when you go to a concert these days and everyone’s got the phone up in the air filming the show with his or her Phone… Lets me honest the lighting is terrible and Beyoncé practically looks like an ant from that chair in row J, level three when you play that back. Enjoy that moment!!! Dance that heart out of yours and take in the moment, then buy the DVD of that awesome concert in HD and relive the whole thing as perfect as you remembered it.

Brides and Grooms invest good money in having a professional photography at their wedding to capture all those gorgeous memories. Take advantage of this, kick your feet up enjoy this special moment knowing the Pro’s have got you covered.

I love it when guest ask me for specific photos, the more photos of the day and the beautiful faces there, the better! (Plus I actually love taking photos!) Don’t be shy, go up and ask the photographer for photos and how you can get a hold of a copy. My clients receive the complete collection of all the final photos of the day so chances are the Bride and groom will be able to share all the wonderful photos of their loved ones with them. Enjoy lifes moments!


Rachael emmily x