Planning your Wedding Day timeline


There’s nothing better then a stress free wedding day, everything just flows and no one is rushed or worried about time. Each wedding is unique and the timeline of events should be created around what is most important to the couple.

Here are just a few tips to consider when putting together your timeline, so you get the most out of your photography.


Getting Ready: Always allow a little extra time so you don’t end up rushed, especially in those last moments of getting ready.

I recommend the groom and his party to be dressed and ready on the photographer’s arrival. We can then spend the time photographing the guys adjusting ties, putting shoes on etc while also getting some fun and laid back photos when everyone is looking sharp and ready.

For the girls I recommend having all hair and makeup complete before the photographer/s arrive, this assures you are all looking and feeling great. Everyone will be full of confidence and feeling camera ready. This leaves more time for fun with friends and family, and some gorgeous pre wedding photos and detail shots.


Additional Tip! Brides, leave lots of time to put your dress on & never let the hairstylist or makeup artist leave you for last! Grooms practice tying that tie or have someone around that can if you can’t 😉


Recommended time to allow for photos

The Groom and his party – 45 min +

Photographing the details -30 min +

Putting on the dress – 30 min +

The Bride and her party – 60 min +



The Ceremony: I recommend asking your celebrant for an estimated time and then add 15-30 minutes. This will allow for you to take your time while your excited family and friends congratulate you both post ceremony. And will also allow for any late starts ;). The ceremony is what the day is all about, take as much time as you need here and enjoy.


Additional tip! Plan to arrive to the ceremony 10-15 minutes after the time you gave your guest, this allows for anyone running late and assures everyone is settled and ready.


Recommended time to allow for photos:

Estimated time given by celebrant + 15-30 minutes


Family Photos: For most weddings, these can be pretty important. They can also feel like a whirlwind of crazy for bigger the family. To make things as easy as possible I request a list of photos wanted before the wedding. To make things run even smoother! I recommend asking a family member to be in charge of this list on the day to assist in rounding up the people in the photos, it helps to have someone that knows who is who. Lastly I would suggest letting those who you would like in these photos know this before the day. Trust me, there is always an uncle who sneaks off to the bar assuming they are not needed…


Additional tip! Family photos are best done soon after the ceremony when everyone is in the one place.


Recommended time to allow for these photos

30-60 minutes, depending on how many photos are wanted.


Bridal Photos: Things to consider when allowing time for your bridal party photos, are you wanting to travel or walk to particular locations? Do you have a large bridal party? Do you have props or cars that you would like in the photos? Do you want to take some time out to chill before you head bake to your reception? Remember to allow time for these things so it does not take from your time have photos taken.


Recommended time to allow for these photos:

60–90 minutes +


Additional Tip! Don’t want to keep your guest waiting too long but don’t want to compromise with getting those awesome portrait photos? Set aside some time during your reception to sneak out for some sunset photos! You will both enjoy the little break and will get to enjoy some time together as a newly married couple.


The Reception: Kick your shoes off and let your hair down! This is your chance to celebrate. When it comes to planning a timeline for your reception your chosen reception venue will more then likely help you with this but really anything goes! Formal or just going with the flow, this is your party. When it comes to photographing your reception I can be there with you for all the formalities and even well into the night to catch them ‘oh so sweet’ dance moves on the DF. Another option is to have the formalities early in the night to get the most out of your chosen photography package, for example you may start the night off with your first dance or maybe do a mock cake cutting. It’s your party! Let me know what is most important for you and we can work it into your chosen photography collection


Recommended timeline:

None at all 🙂


Rachael Emmily x