So you’re after some beautiful, timeless family Photos. You’ve booked a photography shoot but there is confusion about what to wear and how to look? Should everyone wear one colour or should everyone wear whatever they feel like?

When choosing what to wear for family photos, here’s a few tips on things to consider:

Clothing Collections

If you want good family photos, you don’t have to match clothing. In fact, that can create a dull photo. The best family photo may be one in which you have found certain collections for your family—not necessarily the same types of clothes, but clothes that coordinate. This brings us to our next point.

Fleur, Paul, Jasper & Elodie-29





Coordinating Colours

The colours don’t have to match. However, every family member can have one or two colours that match or coordinate.

Also choosing a few colours that complement each other and mixing them with denim or black works well in family photos.

Lisa, Gordie & Harry_-7Consider The location 

Avoid choosing colours that you know will be in your backdrop for your family photo shoot. By doing this you know your family won’t blend into the background, instead being the main focus of the photo.

FamilyMatching Home Decor

Before picking a location for your family photos, it may be a good idea to first look at the decor in your home. Not every photo you take will match your walls or your furniture. It’s good to bear these in mind if you plan to display your family photos in your home.

Don’t Have Too Many Patterns

The more patterns you have on each family member, the more the patterns distract from the essence of the photo itself. A family photo should attract attention for all the right reasons and not for any wrong reason. Therefore, limiting the number of patterns in family photos is a good point to remember.

Chantelle, Benjamin & Millie-10Keep Good Time

Don’t wait until it’s a day or two to the photo shoot to start thinking of what to wear. You should always plan ahead. You should book your session and then start thinking of what each family member is going to wear for the shoot. Don’t limit yourself by leaving this decision for a later date. If you do, you may not end up with the kind of photo you want, or the one that’s best for your family.

FamilyEliminate Characters

Unless you can find a way to coordinate them, don’t allow your daughter to have her “Brats” t-shirt on during the family photo shoot since, as with patterns, this may cause distractions when the photo is finally published and hang in your living room. Perhaps if everyone donned a t-shirt with nothing more than logos of superheroes the photo may look good. However, this kind of tactic is risky.

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There are many options when choosing what the family should wear for family photos. The most important thing though and my best tip would be to be yourself! make sure each family member is comfortable and looks like them Awesome self.


Rachael Emmily x